New Look: PJ Femme

Tamsin and Patrick Johnson, the Sydney-based creative couple known for their impeccable taste, both in interiors and tailoring, have expanded their line-up to include a collection for women – more specifically, the kind of chic, pulled-together looks which promise to make the working day a little simpler, more beautiful, a little bolder. Featuring divine linen suiting and cashmere flannels, the artist Quentin Jones plays muse in Paris

Je T'aime: above, London-based illustrator and filmmaker Quentin Jones appears in PJ Femme's launch collection shot in Paris; and below, design duo, Tamsin and Patrick Johnson, photographed by Sean Fennessey.

T ell us why the time is right now to introduce a women's collection to P Johnson?

Patrick: We have been wanting to launch a women’s offering for a long time. There is a huge amount of development, training and testing that goes into a project like this. This project has taken about three years to get it to a point where I was happy to open it up to our clients. So, I guess the time is right because we are ready. 

How then is PJ Femme’s spirit different – and also in line with the men’s collection?

The spirt is the same: comfortable, elegant, waste-free clothing. The only difference is that there are certain ‘rules’ in men’s tailoring that just don’t apply to women. This has been quite liberating.

What was on your mood-board, can you reveal your inspirations?

My mood-board is full of strong women who wear clothing in an unconscious way. I look to early couture and then a bit to that time in the late 80s when women were dressing for strength in suiting. Then, also, I look to the photographers that best captured these times like Bruce Weber and all those beautiful shots Aldo Fallai did for Armani. Then I look to art for colour influences and ideas. 

How did your collaboration with Quentin come about for the collection's launch?

I have known her as a friend for some time. She is an incredible person. I admire her work, and really admire her whole approach to life. She is a strong, elegant and a natural beauty. What more could I ask for. She is also fantastic company.

Lastly, a good suit is the ultimate confidence booster – how do you work with a client to create the ultimate tailored piece, and how do you recommend she wears it.

First, it’s about creating a suit that best fits with the client's shape, their personality and their lifestyle. This starts with getting to know them, having a long chat and being a good listener. We are all so different, and our job is to best understand those differences so we can create clothing that really belongs to the wearer. After all, we should wear the clothing, and not let the clothing wear us. We really encourage clothing that can be worn with confidence.

The PJ Femme made-to-measure service includes the signature P Johnson experience, located at Tamsin Johnson's showroom at 33 William Street, Paddington, NSW. For all bookings, email