Carla Oates

Wellbeing author, organic devotee and mother of two, Carla Oates subscribes to a kind of eat-pretty philosophy. Here, she shares her fresh (and delicious) face mask recipes 

One of our favourite indulgences, the face mask, is not necessarily an unusual one, but in Carla Oates’s hands it comes with a twist. The Sydney-based wellbeing author and founder of The Beauty Chef, has dedicated her career to researching organic remedies, concocting masks, pastes and powders from the foods in her kitchen and herbs in her garden. The result is an organic line-up of “living” skincare products formulated to help keep skin healthy and resilient, inside and out. Oates says, “The first step to radiant skin is balancing the digestive health. Good skincare follows.” To kickstart the plan, read on for three of Oates's popular face mask recipes, which aim to infuse the skin with a rosy cheek glow.

  2. 1. THE BEAUTY CHEF'S ubtan face MASK 

  3. Carla says: "This is based on an Ayurvedic beauty recipe called an Ubtan mask. This skin food-scrub-mask is a brilliant base for cleansing, refining, invigorating and rejuvenating the skin and can be used daily or weekly. It contains vitamin E, saponins, polysaccharides, silica, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, amino acid peptides, ceramides and essential fatty acids and probiotics. Traditionally this mask is mixed with egg which is very effective (for oily skin, use egg white, for dry skin use yolk and for combination skin, use a mix of both). However, I often just mix it with live yoghurt."
  5. Ingredients:
  6. •  ½ cup super fine oatmeal
  7. •  ¼ cup of almond meal
  8. •  ¼  cup of super fine rice flour (omit if skin is sensitive and only use oatmeal and almond meal)
  9. •  ½ tsp Glow Inner Beauty Powder
  10. •  1 tbsp of pink clay (French or Australian) (optional)
  11. •  1 tbsp of whey powder (optional)
  12. •  ½ tsp ground dried lavender flowers
  13. •  ¼  contents of a green tea bag
  14. •  ¼  contents of a fennel tea bag
  15. •  A little pinch of turmericcinnamon and mixed spice
  17. Method: Grind lavender, green tea and fennel tea until very, very fine (either in electric grinder or mortar and pestle). Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container. This will keep in the fridge for up to three months.
  18. To use: Mix ½ – 1 tsp of My Ubtan mask with ¼  – ½ tsp of yogurt. Yoghurt is rich in good fats and skin refining acids. Massage into a damp complexion. Rinse off or leave on for ten minutes and rinse with a warm, damp cloth.


  1. 2. amazing cleansing face MASK 

  3. Ingredients:
  4. •  1/8 tsp Detox Inner Beauty Powder
  5. •  2 tsps of yoghurt
  6. •  1 tsp of white clay
  8. Method: Mix ingredients together in a small bowl to form a paste. Apply on a clean damp face, neck and décolletage. When almost dry remove with a damp cloth (do not leave to dry out on the face as this can cause an imbalance in the skin, and if you start to feel a burning sensation, remove mask.



  1. Carla says: “I call this reversible as you can drink it and also put it on your skin; plus it helps to reverse skin damage. If possible start your day by consuming this nutrient rich skin and health booster. Drink half of it, then add some citrus pectin to the other half (sprinkle 2 tsp of pectin to 100ml of juice and whisk to form a gel-like consistency) and use as a topical super mask. Freeze leftovers in ice cube containers and thaw as needed.”

  3. Ingredients:

  4. •  1 – 2 kale leaves

  5. •  2 broccoli trees

  6. •  1 egg yolk (raw egg white robs the body of biotin, so use the egg white as a firming protein treatment for the skin topically)

  7. •  ¼  tsp linseeds and/or chia seeds

  8. •  ½ cup papaya

  9. •  ½ cup pineapple

  10. •  ½ lemon peeled

  11. •  ½ banana

  12. •  ¼  avocado

  13. •  ½ tsp Manuka honey

  14. •  Water and ice to desired consistency and temperature.

  2. Method:​ Blend together, drink half the smoothie, then turn the other half into a mask mixture. If using topically, apply to a clean complexion; leave for ten minutes and then remove with warm water and a cotton cloth. 
For those using a normal blender, grind the seeds before adding them to the smoothie.


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