Nadine Monley: ultimate bronzing tips

Move beyond your moisturiser-only comfort zone and embrace the tropics (in theory, at least). Here, top tips for achieving flawless holiday skin from a premier makeup artist who hails from Bondi Beach

  2. Photograph by Wayne Maser | Interview by Natasha Inchley
  4. “I was constantly being asked how best to achieve a natural tan; one that lasts and is easy to apply but without the fuss,” says Nadine Monley, the hair and makeup artist who spent time working in New York and London before relocating to Sydney’s Bondi Beach. It was here, in her quest to create the perfect complexion and the ultimate summer glow, that Monley began fastidiously researching coconut oil and the traditional recipes of Pacific Islanders. After a day’s shoot, the makeup artist would toil away in her kitchen, combining coconut with essential oils in order to concoct special formulas for friends.
  6. The results, Summer and Man Tan, are what Monley describes as “the ying and yang of self-tanners,” and form the basis of her Beauty Department line founded on performance and purity. More than anything, Monley wanted to create a range that was both nourishing and soothing, combining local organic ingredients rather than toxic additives such as parabens and synthetic colorants. Better yet, Monley’s tanners allow for subtle bronzing without coppery streaking. Of course, a few insider tips also help: Monley says, “Ultimately, the best thing you can do is ensure you are well moisturised, especially on the drier parts of your body, then the application is easier.” Here, her tips and tricks for achieving a flawless glow.
  8. 1. Exfoliate
  9. “If your skin is very dry, then exfoliate first before applying moisturiser. Start by exfoliating your skin with a body scrub in the shower – I also love to use coconut oil and a mitt if the skin is extra dry and pay special attention to the rough areas such as the knees and elbows. Exfoliating your face and body weekly helps to rid the skin of its top dead layers.”
  11. 2. Moisturise
  12. “Before applying fake tan it’s best to thoroughly moisturise your hands, toes, elbows, knees and heels. These areas tend to have lots of creases and the moisturiser will help the fake tan blend better here – there is nothing worse then dark heels and knees.”
  14. 3. Blend, blend, blend
  15. “When applying the tan, start with your face and work your way down the body, leaving your hands and feet for last. If it’s your first time and you’re feeling nervous, then apply another layer of moisturiser over the top to further help the blending process. Once finished, make sure to wash your hands and clean your fingernails with a wipe. Lastly, try using a little Goe Oil, which is beautifully moisturising and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving you with a wonderful glow.”

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