Kit Willow

Babes In The Hood: Kit Willow with her daughter Misia at her resort 16/17 collection in Sydney. Photographs by Jo Yeldham.


behind the scenes with designer kit willow podgornik and photographer jo yeldham, two creative bravehearts


I've always loved Kit Willow Podgornik's style. She lends her collections such a distinct handwriting – from one season to the next, you get a real sense of her thought process and passions. Then there's her crazy courage: her new label KITX has become more a movement than a suggestion thanks to the way in which she celebrates sustainable and ethical fashion with a sturdiness and elegance that not many designers are able to pull off. I adore her loungy silhouettes. The icing on this story is friendship – Kit's close friend, Jo Yeldham, the photographer and wife of artist Joshua Yeldham, was backstage to capture the scene and the results are so poignant, intimate and heartwarming. These two women inspire me a lot!

  1. WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION FOR THE COLLECTION AND WHAT WERE YOU FEELING WHEN YOU BEGAN WORKING ON IT?  I felt time pressure! Six weeks to pull the collection together and present the runway collection, eek! The inspiration, much like our precious ecosystem, is about opposing elements linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. The graphic combination of colour and pattern shapes celebrates this harmony. 
  3. HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOUR DAUGHTER MISIA TO BE BACKSTAGE AND SEE YOUR CREATIVE WORK COME TO LIFE: It was so important for Misia to be there as she felt great loss when I left [the Willow label in 2013]; she had been to my shows in New York and London since she was born. These days, I encourage Misia and Rocco to observe everything, as much as possible – I think it's important for them to stop and watch ants, clouds, flowers, and take it all in. 

  1. LASTLY, CAN YOU TELL ME A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR PASSION FOR ETHICAL FASHION? We have abused the precious natural resources on this mother earth; fashion is one of the great abusers. My passion involves sourcing materials – the greatest impact to the planet comes from materials – and consciously creating a strong, modern design-led, creative house with a heart and conscious.