The Hannah Effect: a haute bohemian life

meet the woman whose viewpoint on motherhood and work is as compelling as her personal style. here, a glimpse into the haute bohemian world of Hannah henderson

  2. Photographs by John Moore & Molly Cranna | Words Natasha Inchley
  4. Hannah Henderson’s home, and life for that matter, is a lesson in luxurious simplicity. Located on California’s sunny Venice Beach, the carefree abode serves as the ultimate backdrop for the modern bohemian existence she shares with longtime partner John Moore and their children, Lennon, 9, and Costa, 4.
  6. Together, the couple run General Store, a collective design community, originally founded by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St.Peter in San Francisco, which showcases the work of local artists – everything from hand-dyed indigo table cloths, ceramics and wooden utensils to fine diamond-and-gold jewellery, vintage denim and organic beauty essentials. “The store has a little bit of everything, a mix of unique pieces that we love and believe in,” explains Henderson. “Serena and I share a similar aesthetic and we both care about how things are made. I think more and more it’s about appreciating the difference in something made with love and care as opposed to it being disposable, cheap and without soul. We’re not speaking out to conquer the world but we really believe in what we’re doing.”

Walk the line: main picture top, Hannah Henderson and her four-year-old son, Costa; True Colours: above, the carefully curated objects and airy space inside General Store, Venice Beach. Double act: below: Henderson with her partner John Moore.

I think it’s about appreciating the difference in something made with love and care

Henderson’s own style is equally compelling: take her love of denim ­– an “addiction” as she coins it, that can be mapped like a continuous thread through her personal fashion history – from her Western-wear and patched Levi’s, to the high-waisted 70s denim, faded overalls and winsome buffalo girl looks. She counts over 50 pairs of jeans in her closet (“but no more than a hundred!”) and is constantly scouring flea markets for more. “I don't know why I love denim so much, I think it probably goes back to high school when I first started vintage shopping. There was something about finding the perfect jeans and it’s still with me today, maybe I’ve taken the obsession to an obscene degree.”

Peace out: Above, Costa and his bedroom; Like Mother, Like Daughter: below right, Lennon shares a similar love for denim.

How then does the mother of two put her look together each day? “I really try not to think about it too much. Comfort is an important part of my style. I get more work done when I’m feeling good, and I tend not to save things for special occasions, I just like to wear them. That’s the fun of it.”

Henderson spent her childhood growing up in the Tucson desert, a stark yet hauntingly beautiful environment that influenced her greatly. “I have such wonderful memories of those huge open skies, the heat and the big storms. We spent a lot of time exploring barefoot, there was a sense of really being free,” she explains. “The desert is still close to my heart and so I guess I’m the product of where I grew up. My mother is a midwife and a hippie and that in turn has shaped me, too – I’m always thinking about things in a natural context and that shows up in my style and our house.” 

“I’m always thinking about things in a natural context and that shows up in my style and our house.” 


Rise and shine: above, The family's sunny garden space and Lennon's flea market finds. Below, Henderson, Super Mom.

nothing in our home is too precious or too pristine

Indeed, Henderson’s home is a collage of collected artworks, books, potted plants and cosy nooks. “When you live in a space for a long time it becomes layered with all the things you bring in to your life, I love that. Nothing in our home is too precious or too pristine and we’re lucky that we both really like the architecture of the house.”

She says, “I’m a homebody, I love to lie in bed reading – the idea of doing nothing on a sunny afternoon is heaven to me.” Henderson’s other indulgence is to take a bath after work with coconut oil and Epson salts, while at weekends she says the family loves nothing more than to spend a day with friends at the beach.

Then there's the enviable love story: when Henderson first moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago, she took on a job at the Fred Segal store and it was there she met Moore, the charming and roguish designer of MNii. “I had the hugest crush on him,” laughs Henderson. “We clicked – and now it’s been a long time and we’ve shared so many different experiences. We’ve grown up together and both changed a lot but allowed each other to change. I think at the end of the day, you know when your partner is a really good person to have in your life.”

The couple share a similar outlook on parenting: "We definitely believe in the same things and that helps. I tend to do the research, talking to other mums and reading all the books, and John is happy to take my lead. We also both agree that it’s important to limit the time our kids spend on gadgets, and I’m not one to sign them up to a lot of extra activities because I’d rather they had the time to play outside and create their own world," Henderson says. "Ultimately, I think that's the most special thing about being a child."


Summer breeze: above and below, the family make the most of their sunny address, spending long days at nearby Venice Beach.

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