Piamita's Cecilia de Sola

cecilia de sola, the Santiago-based co-founder of piamita, believes it's possible to dress for confidence – and comfort

As any new mother will attest, it can be difficult to transition a working wardrobe during this new life stage – how to cocoon while still looking cool? Cecilia de Sola, mother to Diego Arturo, 17 months, knew there was a gap for such pieces. The designer began her career in publishing, working for Vanity Fair and marie claire, before teaming with W magazine’s Karla Martinez to create a line of printed loungewear that is relaxed yet supremely polished. Here, her take on pyjama dressing, working from home and motherhood. 

Clothing can be such a motivator, how do you recommend women dress for a day at the home-office? Feeling pulled together is important, whether working from home or in an office. We wanted the Piamita collection to be comfortable – there really is no need to suffer tight waistlines or cumbersome jackets – and the look can take you from the office, to the playground to dinner effortlessly. As long as your clothes are pressed and you are wearing great shoes, you can leave the house and go to a party and never feel like you're in a style trap.

now that i'm a mum, i understand there's Nothing like a good night's sleep

What is your secret to achieving a work-life-family balance? I think making life and work balance is what everyone is striving to do, being a mum is no different. I have become much better at time management given I have less of it to myself, and I have no time to procrastinate so I'm definitely more efficient than I was. I wake up much earlier nowadays and mornings can be so productive. I take advantage of the windows of time when Diego is sleeping to accomplish a lot, and then I set aside time just dedicated to him. There are definitely days where I feel there are not enough hours to do everything I need to do, and sometimes I feel stretched but I'm sure every mum feels this way.  The challenge at this stage is finding time to do the feel-good things like get a manicure or read a magazine.

Pyjama party: top image, De Sola with her son Diego; and right, wearing her own Piamita designs.