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LINDY KLIM might just be the least princess-y princess ever: yes, she is focused, a social media swan with her own business agenda, but she is also self-deprecating, funny and, above all, real. Dividing her time between Bali, Melbourne and Sydney, her life is thoroughly modern and she's making no apologies for it. Having recently announced her separation, the mother of three is starting a new chapter. Here, she discusses parenting and new beginnings

  1. Photographed by BEC PARSONS 


  3. Makeup by JACLYN HNITKO


A New Groove: main picture top, Lindy wears a VITA KIN blouse from PARLOUR X, STELLA McCARTNEY jeans from NET-A-PORTER, and an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra timepiece with diamonds; above, wearing a CÉLINE lace top from PARLOUR X.

  1. BALI IS YOUR HOMEBASE, AND IT’S WHERE YOUR CHILDREN – STELLA, 10, ROCCO, 7, AND FRANKIE, 4 – GO TO SCHOOL. WHAT ENCHANTED YOU MOST ABOUT ISLAND LIFE? I’m half Balinese but I grew up in Australia and never really had the opportunity to get to know my dad [Lindy's father, Anak Agung Oka Rama, was prince of Denpasar], so I had this whole connection to a culture that I wasn't familiar with. When my father passed away, I had a strong feeling of wanting to go there with the kids. As it turns out it has been a wonderful place for them to grow up; I’m really happy with my decision. I guess you could compare it to growing up in the seventies, but better. They have a beautiful life; there’s a real sense of freedom, and the children are surrounded by so many people that love them; it is a true community here, people look out for each other, I think that is really important.
  3. YOUR CHILDREN ATTEND GREEN SCHOOL IN BALI, A REMARKABLE GLOBAL-MINDED CENTRE (right). WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT ITS PHILOSOPHY? It is such a forward-thinking school. The education has been wonderful – my children have such a confidence now, whereas before they were quite shy kids, learning was a little difficult. Now, they are happy to stand up on stage, and they benefit from the school's ethos: there’s no bullying, for instance. It’s a wholly sustainable school, which also sponsors local Balinese children and includes quite diverse cultural ceremonies throughout the year. 

    HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN TO HAVE AN AWARENESS OF THE ENVIRONMENT? They encourage me, now! They’ll say ‘mum, you can’t do that: you can’t take plastic bags to school; or Nutella on toast has palm oil in it.' I think it has been very empowering for them to grow up in such an environmentally-conscious way.

    The Green School in Bali, built with locally grown bamboo, gives students a holistic education, in which sustainability is key.

WE HAVE DISCUSSED THE IDEA OF INDEPENDENCE: HOW ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW IN LIGHT OF THE RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT THAT YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND, OLYMPIAN SWIMMER MICHAEL KLIM, HAVE PARTED WAYS: It has definitely made me really determined to work harder and I think it's important for me to show my children how essential it is for women to work and to have their own independence. I grew up watching my mum work super hard, she would teach during the day and waitress at night and my dad was not around. I love that she’s such a strong woman, and I hope that my kids see that in me as well. I think that, despite what is happening in our life right now, the children are happy and in a really good place; they know that they are very much loved and we have family around to support us, too. We know it is a big change for them but at the same time they're coping well because they remain in their home, in the same environment. [Michael and I] are both being as nurturing, loving and caring towards them as possible, that is our focus.


Natural Woman: above Lindy wears a VETEMENTS camisole dress from PARLOUR X; below, in a VITA KIN blouse from PARLOUR X, STELLA McCARTNEY jeans from NET-A-PORTER, and an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra timepiece.

  1. YOUR DRIVE IS NOW VERY MUCH CENTRED AROUND WELLBEING, WHAT IS YOUR ROUTINE? In recent years, I've always exercised and eaten well but when I look back on part of my early modelling days, I wasn't always so kind to my body. I never wanted to get back to that point so I had to really try and find a balance that worked for me. Living in Bali helps; I go to the gym and our food is always very simple and fresh. I admit that whenever I come back to Australia I tend to do a bit of the opposite – drink more wine, eat red meat – but I guess I'm still perfecting the balance.
  2. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS MIND – WHAT PROMPTED YOU BOTH TO CREATE MILK & CO AND WHAT WAS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL? When Michael and I decided to create the brand there wasn't a lot on the market for men. Michael was retiring from swimming and he needed a next step. We always had it in our minds that milk, Klim spelled backwards, was a great name to use, but at the same time people were wanting him to become the face of their products. I thought it made more sense to create and own something ourselves. Then, while I was pregnant with Stella I had a hard time finding organic products that I liked, there wasn’t a lot on the market that was kind to a baby's skin. So we expanded the line to create Milk Baby. Australia is known for its clean and natural lifestyle, and I think that's part of the reason people have really taken to it. 
  2. YOU HAVE AMASSED SUCH A LOYAL FOLLOWING IN THE DIGITAL WORLD, WHAT IN YOUR MIND HAS BEEN THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCESS? I'm not really sure, I capture my life as it is – I do move around a lot and I also have a fashion side, I'm a business woman and a mum. I show all those different aspects to my life and I think people can relate to it. The best thing about social media is that I portray myself the way I want to be portrayed. I can use Instagram to show that I'm still okay and the kids are having fun, and we still have this wonderful life that we're fortunate to have. I'm very honest and very true – at the end of the day I do really enjoy my life so I am happy to share aspects of it.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SUNDAY ROUTINE? It's a ritual for me to ride my bike with Frankie sitting on the back, to Monsieur Spoon, a wonderful French bakery in Bali, where we pick up croissants, eat them at home and then enjoy beach-time together after that.

  1. LASTLY, HOW ARE YOU REVITALISING YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW AND WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST I've really just been focusing on the kids and enjoying that time with them; they're on holidays right now, which is always very special. I am also getting back into yoga after having given it a miss for a few years – I think sometimes returning to old routines and really focusing on wellbeing can be comforting and grounding. I also occasionally have acupuncture treatments in Bali, it's all about doing little things to make sure I stay on track. Of course, I do have my moments of too much red wine, but I think a little indulgence helps every now and again!



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