Kendal Lee Schuler

Kendal Lee Schuler loves her new role as mother, and it shows – she’s determined to raise her six-month-old son Ryka with a deep respect for nature and wellbeing. Here, in a Moda collaboration with Country Road, the Sydney-based model shares her thoughts on motherhood, along with an energising recipe to kick-start the day.

  1. Photographed by PIERRE TOUSSAINT 


  3. Makeup by JACLYN HNITKO


What is your viewpoint on motherhood, and how has being a mother changed your world?

I feel motherhood has completely given me a purpose in life. I catch myself thinking to myself what the hell was I even doing before kids? I used to be excited to wake up in the morning to have coffee now I can’t wait to wake up and see my son's little face.

Describe your style – which pieces are you drawn to and why? 

At the moment I love anything linen and oversized because it is great for breastfeeding. I also love classic pieces and high-waisted anything.

Health, wellbeing and wholesome cooking is one of your great passions – can you share one of your favourite energising breakfasts to start the day?

My Mum is a great cook so I think I my passion for cooking came from her. I’m actually not much of a smoothie juice person but I love to make a veggie egg white omelette in the morning. Here’s what I do:
2 asparagus (chopped)
4 cherry tomatoes (chopped)
Handful chopped mushrooms
1/4 red onion (diced)
1/4 zucchini (chopped)
Handful of basil
1 chilli (chopped)
1 table spoon of feta
3 egg whites 
Cook all veggies and herbs in pan then in a separate pan fry egg whites until nearly cooked, add veggies to one half and sprinkle with feta. Fold to make your omelette. It is delicious!

As a new mother, how are you keeping your energy levels up right now?

I still love my coffee in the morning but the biggest thing for me is trying to nap when Ryka does, so that I am well rested. Regular exercise, even if just walking, helps my energy levels too.

How do you love to spend a typical Sunday as a family

My partner is a surfer so if the weather is nice and the waves a pumping you will definitely see us down at the beach soaking in the sun and playing in the sand and waves. Ryka loves it already, which his daddy is very excited about, hopefully we have another little surfer in the family.

Lastly, how do you define perfect happiness? 

Perfect happiness to me means family! There’s really nothing better.