Kate & David Darvill

In the third chapter in our collaboration with The Upside, we meet with Kate DarvillVogue Australia's divine, divine senior fashion editor, whose creative eye I have always loved. She is mother to two sets of twins under the age of four – Matilda and Jack, 4, and Stella and Olive, 2 – needless to say, Kate is so superhuman. (I have said it before, I still don't know how she does it). Together with her husband Dave Darvill, the in-demand fitness expert, the couple share their tips on kick-starting the weekend while recharging body and spirit

  1. Photographed by JULIE ADAMS 



    Let's Get Physical: this month, The Upside launched its trademark muscle tanks for children and to celebrate, Kate and Dave Darvill share their favourite weekend routine with their four children in tow – Matilda and Jack, 4, and Stella and Olive 2 – photographed at Sydney's Watsons Bay. The family wears The Upside throughout. Click through to shop the collection.


  5. How do you love to spend a typical Sunday as a family – what is your routine?


  7. Kate: Sundays are a really important day to us as it's the only day that either David or myself aren't working and we are all together. It's definitely my favourite day. We love Parsley Bay, Watsons Bay and Nielsen Park, they are local to us and great for little ones. Centennial Park is also a favourite destination and now the weather is getting warmer we love going up to the northern beaches and swimming at Avalon and Newport Beach. 

    What is your viewpoint on parenting, and how has it changed your world?

    Kate: Parenting is my biggest daily challenge. There is nothing harder but also nothing more rewarding. It is incredible seeing these little personalities form and take shape, and obviously as parents you play a big part in helping to shape your little ones into the people they are going to be. Becoming a parent has changed my life in every single way – for the better! I wouldn't change a thing and I feel incredibly blessed and very lucky. 


  9. Dave: Parenting is about doing your best. Being a great mate, a mentor, a good listener, a strict dictator, when needed, and making the family environment as fun and loving as possible. Parenting equals a busy life.


  12. As a parent with four children under the age of four, how are you keeping your energy levels up right now? 


  14. Kate: The children keep my energy levels up! When I can I try to go to yoga, which was a regular part of my life before kids. It is so calming and it centres me. I also try to get to David's classes once or twice a week when I can – I love his boxing classes, they have a great pace and energy.


  16. Dave: I wake up every day at 4.45am. Anything with a 4 at the front sounds scary, just writing that down makes me feel tired. But with cold water and coffee I am good to go. I religiously have a cold shower – starting with hot water to build confidence, then go a cold blast for at least one minute, followed by coffee at Bar Doppio Rose Bay, which opens at 5am. To maintain energy I exercise everyday and eat well. My training always varies to keep me interested: boxing and surfing are my faves with occasional yoga for zen and weights when feeling too skinny.


  18. Dave, can you share five secrets to elevating fitness levels:


  20. 1. Move Every day – it can be as simple as a walk around the block or a ten minute surf swim.  The more you move the more you improve. 2. Friends and fitness (if your only catch up with mates is 15 beers at the local pub you've got problems). Meet with mates you can play sports with. Go for runs or surf, just chat and train. Friends keep you accountable and make it more enjoyable. 3. Break a sweat – have at least two days a week where you take yourself into the red zone. Push hard and get the heart rate firing. 4. New kit – a new pair of fresh shoes or fancy new tights makes exercise easier. It can never be proven but it's true. 5. Get Inspired - follow fitness leaders on social media. Learn some really cool tricks and tips from the best of the best. My pick for health is @iceman_hof. Sport – @anthony_joshua. Girl power – @bufgirls. movement @roye_gold and the best local gym – @fit1_training



  23. Kate, can you reveal a stylist’s tip for embracing activewear away from the gym. How best to pull it off?


  25. I love this trend, it's so comfortable and you look fit and healthy whether you are heading to the gym or your local cafe for a coffee and a muffin! Always make sure your activewear is looking fresh and new, keep your faded tees and old lycra tights for the actual gym and choose well cut stylish pieces for the weekend.

How are you encouraging your little ones to take up healthy habits?

Kate: They all swim a lot – we are teaching them to swim this season. Matilda and Jack also play soccer once a week, we make sure they get out of the house, to a park every day. We also make sure the kids eat good food with lots of fruit and vegetables which I think helps create healthy eating habits.

Wellbeing is obviously a shared passion – what is your family’s healthy morning routine?

Kate: Everyone eats a healthy breakfast, we all have the same thing thing, the go-to is rolled oats with sultanas, goji berries, fresh fruit, yoghurt and milk. Otherwise we have omelettes with avocado on toast. 

Favourite outdoor activity?

Kate: As the weather warms up the children are loving the beach more and more. They also all own a scooter, and that is a pretty popular activity they are all quite passionate about. 

Where is your ultimate fitness escape in Australia and why?

Kate: Byron Bay is my idea of heaven. As soon as I arrive I instantly relax. I don't know what it is in particular – I love the delicious healthy food, the fabulous yoga, beautiful beaches and great walks. 

Lastly, happiness is ...

Kate: Family. For me it is a big family! But any family is great, whether there are kids, no kids, or even kids of the furry variety, being surrounded by my family is what makes me happier than anything else. 

Dave: Feeling aligned with being the best me. Striving to be better in all parts of my life – a better father, husband, brother and son. Better at my work and better to others. The pursuit makes me feel happiest…