In Bed With Rhiannon Taylor

The ritual of checking in and out of hotels is made all the more memorable when you step outside your comfort zone – so says Rhiannon Taylor, the Melbourne-based photographer who has made a career out of charting the most interesting hotels around the world. Taylor's online site InBedWith.Me, is a hit thanks to its clever holiday tips, dreamy suites and sunny views. Here, in a Moda Familia X Country Road collaboration, Rhiannon shares a few secrets to travelling in style

  2. Photographed by  EVE WILSON


Let's Lie In: Rhiannon Taylor wears Country Road (and sleeps in the brand's bed linen) throughout. 

Your travel tales are captured so beautifully – tell us how your online portal came about: I had been on the road for ten years photographing hotels and interiors, and that had taken me to some amazing destinations. A couple of years ago I was yearning for something even more creative, an outlet of my own. The industry was also rapidly changing. People suddenly had access to great camera equipment and an interest in photography via social media – everyone was posting their outfits or their brunch, it made me think why can’t I post about hotels? My vision was to create really compelling content for the curious traveller.

How do you go about choosing the destinations you visit? I like to buck the trend. My biggest aim is to give readers content they don’t even know they want yet. People will have a desire to visit Paris and London, that’s a given. I wanted to propose the next hot city, places that would have a profound effect on the traveller. For me this year, that includes Burma, the Seychelles, Oman and South Africa – I always look at a destination that gives you privilege of place. I like experiences where you are not overrun with tourists, where you can truly immerse yourself in the destination. I also like to travel to the cities where hot food stories are starting to come from. Cuba’s food, for example, is really interesting, and we will see that slowly filter through to our local food trucks in Melbourne and Sydney.


  2. And your most memorable trip to date? I travelled to Sri Lanka two years ago, it was one of the first destinations I visited for my blog, and everyone questioned why I was going there on my own. It was truly beautiful not only because of its landscape and resorts but because of the people, who were joyous, kind and helpful. They had so little to be generous with, but the sense of hospitality really changed my perspective on travel.

How would you describe your style on the go? Do you dress according to the city you are in? I definitely embrace the mood of the city I’m traveling to. For instance, when I went to South Africa recently, I dressed according to a kind of modern interpretation of safari with lots of khakis and whites. I’m also hoping to visit Cuba soon, which would call for quite a colourful wardrobe. That said, everything I pack has to be interchangeable and easily adaptable given that I am working and shooting during the day. I tend to choose clothes that can take me all the way through to a restaurant in the evening.


What are your tips for maximising style from a suitcase? These days, carry-on luggage is an absolute nightmare at the airports – they sometimes weigh your bags on the tarmac, which means you just can’t get away with excess, you have to be super concise. I favour classic, tailored shirts and pants, they’ve become a bit of a travel uniform for me simply because they are so versatile and allow me to be comfortable and effortlessly put-together. I also always pack one statement high heel shoe to take me out at night. A great shoe changes everything.

And your secrets to making a hotel space feel like home? For me, unpacking makes me feel settled and less rushed, particularly for when I have appointments in the morning. I also always try and find a local coffee shop, which helps to give a sense of the neighbourhood. In terms of combating loneliness, I tend to find that when you have a good book and a journal, it’s nice to be alone with your thoughts. Life can be so busy; I quite cherish the rare moments alone. I think as a woman, too, once you’ve conquered a city by yourself that’s a big pat on the back.