Helena Vestergaard

Life is gorgeous! With Valentine’s Day in mind, take a peek into the world of model, Helena Vestergaard and her pro surfer partner Nathan Webster – two strong hearts that you can't help but fall in love with! Here, in collaboration with Country Road, we meet the couple and their six-month-old daughter River, at the breezy, art-filled home they share on Sydney’s northern beaches

  2. Photographed by DANIELLA RECH

  3. Interview NATASHA INCHLEY

I t's obvious that you share with Nathan a wonderful chemistry, can you tell us how you met and why your partnership works so well?

Nathan and I met in Oahu, Hawaii, on a photo shoot, he actually hired me as the model. Little did either of us know we would fall madly in love with each other, but that’s exactly what happened. I believe we work so well together as partners because we totally respect one another in every aspect, and we are so open about everything – even when it’s probably too much information.

Love Is In The Air: above, in the living room, Helena and daughter River are pictured in front of artworks by Julian Schnabel.

Any similarities or differences in your two aesthetics – do you ever shop from each other’s wardrobes?

I love dresses and Nathan loves pyjama pants, but we do share T-shirts all the time. We both love and collect vintage T-shirts and Nathan also has a premium surf wear brand called Highline that does really cool T-shirts so there is definitely always something to wear in this house.

Your home has a wonderful energy, what makes it so special to you?

I definitely take pride in my home and I think that’s important. We both love art so sometimes our house looks like a gallery. We also try not to accumulate anything we don't use, so that means a naturally minimalist style and aesthetic. Junk and mess can create stress and anxiety so it’s important to us to keep our home much like a sanctuary with plants and beautiful furniture.

As a new mother, how has baby River changed your world?

My gosh, where do I begin? Motherhood can be really, really hard at times, but so rewarding. It makes you so strong and fills you with a love that beams out of you. The juice is always worth the squeeze! I see the world with different eyes now, everything seems to make so much more sense. Motherhood has truly changed everything for me for the better. We always say to each other how life seemed to lead us to this point of where we are supposed to be, taking care of and raising River. We both can’t wait for the next one.

Lastly, please share your ultimate Sunday routine together:

A family sleep in followed by an ocean swim and a big healthy breakfast.