Emily Loxton

It's always fun to observe how an interior decorator dresses her own home: enter Emily Loxton, the Sydney-based mother of three, who is an expert when it comes to working livable luxury into her family's daily life

  1. Photographed by NIKKI TO   Editor NATASHA INCHLEY 



Architectural Digest: main picture top, Emily Loxton pictured with Stella the labrador in the foyer entrance of her home, wears a ROKSANDA ILINCIC silk top with DRIES VAN NOTEN pants from BELINDA. My Space: above, Loxton wears a MARNI dress; on the wall hangs a work by photographer NICK LEARY.

  1. WHAT IGNITED YOUR PASSION FOR INTERIORS AND GOOD DESIGN? As a child I would always reorganise our home, the family room, formal rooms, I would restyle my room and my brother’s room – I enjoyed the variations I could create, and at the same time drove my parents crazy!

YOUR STYLE IS CHARGED WITH A RICH BOLDNESS, DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC: I love simple timeless elegance – I have always been inspired by our adopted Danish family, whose sense of style is truly restrained. They have few material possessions, but quite a few quality pieces, and live in an uncluttered space.

CREATIVELY, ONE THEME YOU KEEP RETURNING TO IS ... Clutter-free open spaces, and I have always been drawn to houses with old bones.


Creative Spark: above left, Loxton's elegant dining room features a chandelier from POND HOME and mirror from MCM HOUSE. In The Mood: above right, Loxton turned an otherwise ordinary sitting room into a cosy yet sophisticated space. The antique mirror was a wedding gift, the floor lamp is from POND HOME and the sofa was custom-made in Belgian linen. 

DO YOU BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE TO LIVE IN A HIGH-DESIGN SPACE WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN? Absolutely, especially these days in this high-tech-WiFi era – in our home, music is available in zones and with the touch of a little finger. Our children are also completely adaptable and enjoy all the different spaces depending on the day or where we are entertaining.  I made a conscious effort not to turn any room into the 'good room' but instead wanted to ensure that our whole house was child/teenager friendly. 

WHAT IS YOUR VIEWPOINT ON MOTHERHOOD AND BALANCE? There really is no balance – work, motherhood, family, travel, that's my love and my style all rolled into one, and that's our life.


Family Ties: Loxton's children from left, Harry, 12, Freddie, 10, and Sophie, 14. Practise Makes Perfect: below, Harry and Freddie at the piano with Loxton's collection of blue china.

  1. HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN TO BE CREATIVE AND HAVE AN APPRECIATION OF THE ARTS? I try to take the children to museums and galleries whenever possible – the Unlaced: Collette Dinnigan exhibition is on my to-do list with Sophie, and recently we all enjoyed a trip to AGNSW to see the Archibald Prize; I was amazed by the discussion around the table at dinner that night. The children are also so lucky to be part of a big strong close family, and with that comes influencers and influences. My dad always taught us to be eager to learn more, and naturally I think that has impacted the children. They love spending time with him at their country property, which is a working farm. Our Danish family, and my husband Steve's South African roots also influence the activities we do at the weekend.

Taking Time Out: above, pictured with her daughter, Loxton wears DRIES VAN NOTEN from BELINDA.