Elyse Taylor: Kiss Me Quick

Baby Be Mine: above, Elyse Taylor, wearing Pigott's Store bikini and Tiffany & Co. T bracelet in 18ct gold, photographed with Lila in Sydney. You Are The Sunshine: below, in Collette By Collette Dinnigan. Lila wears Printebebe.

It's been a momentous year for Australian model Elyse Taylor, what with the birth of baby Lila Louise and her hamptons wedding in August. here, a day in the sun to celebrate During her recent visit to sydney

  3. what do you love most about motherhood? what has surprised you?

  4. It's incredible, I never want to miss a moment. Lila just started crawling and baby talk and it's so amazing. I love all her little stages. I love it the most when she holds me tight for snuggles and when she falls asleep on me. It’s just gone by so fast, but the most surprising aspect of motherhood is how functional I can be on little-to-no sleep.

It's Love, Baby: Taylor wears Zimmermann passamentarie top and shorts with Tiffany & Co. T bracelets in 18ct gold. Lila wears antique voile dress.

  1. As a new mother, how would you describe your approach to style right now?

    My style has definitely changed since becoming a mother, I'm choosing more classic and comfortable pieces over tight and fashionable – you very quickly realise how much time you have to spend on the floor.

    How did you maintain your health and shape during your pregnancy?

    I really let myself go during my pregnancy. I gained 40 pounds by the time I went in to labour. So it was quite difficult getting my body back, exhausting actually. I worked out four to five days a week for five months. I know that sounds crazy, but my body is my work so I take it very seriously.


    Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, I'm obsessed. I also used coconut butter on my stomach to treat stretch marks and, while I have no proof if it was the sole cause, after nine months I have no marks.

Let's Lie In: Taylor wears Bassike sweater with Stella McCartney briefs and Tiffany & Co. bracelet. Lila wears Printebebe.


  1. I don’t have one ultimate indulgence but when I can, I try and stay an extra day on my trips to St. Barths or Miami or whichever the tropical destination may be, so as to sit by the pool, read and sleep.‚Äč

You just travelled from New York to Sydney – a brave feat with baby. any in-flight tips?

Surprisingly, it was an amazing experience. I brought along her favourite toys to play with, and during take off and landing I always made sure she had her bottle to help pop her ears. Oh, and of course, a change of clothes and plenty of nappies. I also brought a baby carrier because you never know where your stroller and car seat will end up.

Two Strong Hearts: above, Taylor wears Isabel Marant top from Belinda and Tiffany & Co. T square bracelet. Diamonds For Breakfast: below, Taylor wears Tiffany & Co. Smile pendant in 18ct rose gold; tray from Pigott's Store.

  2. Her daily uniform: a white tee, black jeans, a blazer and ballet flats. Fragrance: Omnia by Bvlgari. Manicure: nude. Latest read: Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan. Secret pick-me-up: Coffee. Her tip for first-time mothers: Be patient and understand that there isn't a set of rules, all babies are different. Get some sleep and enjoy the ride.

Me Time: Taylor wears Isabel Marant top from Belinda with Masini & Chern pyjamas and Tiffany & Co. bracelet in 18ct gold.