Dina Broadhurst

  1. WHY DINA BROADHURST is art's shining It girl: the Sydney-based interior designer puts a modern spin on life, creativity and motherhood – and has an elegant-rebel style all her own. Here, a glimpse into her harbour-side hideaway
  3. Photographed by CARINE THÉVENAU


  5. Makeup JESS CHAPMAN


Art House: main picture top, tastemaker Dina Broadhurst with her son Leo, at their sunny apartment in Sydney. Dina wears a ROLAND MOURET dress from BELINDA; Leo wears RALPH LAUREN; In Perfect Form: above, seated in front of the mural she painted a week earlier, Dina wears an ISABEL MARANT top from BELINDA with KSUBI jeans.

your collaged artworks and your interior aesthetic are both charged with a rich kind of sexiness, can you share your viewpoint:

  1. My interior aesthetic is uninhibited and feminine with strength and richness through layers. I don't like playing it safe or sticking to the rules, preferring to expose and challenge rather than work to a prescribed aesthetic. A woman's essence and beauty plays such a big part in it all, as it does in life. I think confidence is the "sexiness".


  4. The triangle shape is definitely a reoccurring theme for me, it represents moving forward and growth – the wide base can be likened to the surface as one refines and removes the unnecessary, up to the pinnacle where you form your own view and gain confidence, depth, truth and wisdom. It is also the shape of the beauty ideal, of balance and perfect proportions, and this is something that I love to explore throughout my work.

In the living room, featuring a mid century sofa brought back from Paris, together with collected objet d'art and a coffee table loaded with favourite photography books, Dina wears a MARNI top and KSUBI jeans; Leo wears COUNTRY ROAD.

  1. How do you encourage your son Leo to be creative and have an appreciation of the arts?

  2. I support and encourage Leo enthusiastically in any path he wants to try, I think this gives him the freedom to be creative and learn. His father Nick is very musical and Leo is into tap dancing at the moment, so while we don't try and force anything he is always invited and included. Leo has experienced so many things, from sport to music, amazing restaurants, hotels, interiors and, of course, galleries and art.

  4. What is your secret to striking a work-life balance?

  5. I share equal care of Leo with his Daddy and I also have the most amazing family who give me so much support, so Leo is showered in love from all angles. I am extremely lucky with my schedule – nothing is ever unachievable, whether that's managing work, studying and travel, all while raising the most beautiful little man. 
  7. as an interior designer, Do you believe it’s possible to live in a high-design space when you have children?

    It's absolutely possible. I think children tend to learn by observing their parents – Leo is just like me, very careful and protective of his things. I don't know whether that's his nature or whether it has been instilled in him from me, but even as a baby nothing was ever out of bounds. To date everything has survived without a dent or scratch. I would rather not change my way of living and I prefer to keep reinforcing the message to respect and appreciate precious things, rather than choose not to have them.

Off The Wall: above left, a mixed media collage by Dina titled "Karlie Loves NYC"; right, the entrance to Dina's apartment includes a work by Simon Lekias and her CÉLINE bag. Life In Colour: below, "Luminous", Dina's photograph of Leo.

  1. How do you get ready in the mornings, what is your routine?

  2. In the mornings I could not live without hot lemon water – which Leo has actually started making and bringing to me in bed! – also rose hip oil on my face, a kiss from Leo at school drop-off, followed by a mocha coffee at Fratelli Paradiso [in Potts Point] where I do my first hour of work every morning to plan out the day. 

  4. And your personal style – can you describe how your aesthetic carries over into your wardrobe:

  5. I have a great wardrobe of worn-once items because I always seem to end up going for comfort and just grabbing what I know will work. Quality and fabric is a high priority and I love buying unique things. Denim is always a staple, too. Like interiors, you have to dress for your body type, just as you have to design with space and environment in mind; you can't just jump on a trend, it has to work with what you've got. I'm also a big believer in vintage fashion and furniture and I regularly buy designer pieces second-hand, which gives me the added pleasure of having found hidden gems on my travels.

  7. lastly, how do you pamper yourself at the end of a busy week?

  8. My ultimate indulgence in the summertime is to lay on the beach and take a swim just before dinner when the sun is soft, otherwise I love a sauna and swim at Icebergs pool, with the contrast of hot and cold to invigorate the body and mind.