Daniella Rech

The fact that former model and photographer Daniella Rech is a fashion insider, probably explains her chic yet down-to-earth approach when it comes to dressing up for the party season. The mother of two – to Storm, 3, and Rio, 10 – exudes an elegant kind of cool, which she chalks up to being comfortable in her own skin. Here, in collaboration with Country Road, Rech shares her viewpoint on motherhood, party prep routines and inspirations.

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What ignited your interest in fashion and photography?

I fell in love with photo journalism and decided that was what I wanted to pursue. My partner Kannon [Rajah] is in fashion and he asked me to shoot backstage at some of his shows, I loved the craziness of it all. I ended up just following the journey, all the doors that opened were in fashion so I went with the flow.

Garden Variety: above: Daniella is pictured with her son Storm and her niece at her sister’s farm. Rech and the children wear Country Road throughout.

When it comes to dressing up for the festive season, which pieces are you drawn to? 

I’m quite laid back in the way I approach dressing. I like simple, long silhouettes that I feel comfortable in, pieces that I can pick up Storm in without needing to re adjust myself.

And your routine for getting ready? Do you have any party prep tricks? 

I always put music on, mostly rap as that always gets my energy up. I love to take a shower with a body scrub, and I have just started using lots of body oils which I have noticed make a big difference to my skin.

Any tips on styling – and reinventing – a dress for more than one occasion? 

I’m all about keeping my wardrobe simple. I only have pieces that I love and I wear them for years! I believe in investing in pieces that you “just know”. I think that the best way to turn a day dress into the perfect evening dress is about focusing on shoes and the hair.

And the finishing touch – what is your signature? 

Minimal make-up, and I love eyeliner at night time.

Has your approach to party dressing changed over the years? 

I always felt I had to wear heels when I went out, but now I rarely wear anything high unless they are super comfortable. I have also just found a style that I feel confident in and I don’t sway too much from this.

How does being the mother of young children impact how you think about your appearance? 

Motherhood just makes me feel like a woman. I don’t remember too much from my life before children to be honest – I was only 21 when I had Rio – but I know that even though my body isn’t as perfect as it was pre-babies, and I’m starting to get those fine lines, I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

Lastly, what is your viewpoint on motherhood, and what values do you hope to instil in your children? 

We are here to show love to our children and help guide them on the path to finding their passions. I believe that compassion is the first thing you must teach them and second is that only you hold the power to your own happiness. Not money, not people and certainly not things.