Candice Lake

IT'S AN UNSUALLY HOT summertime in London, the afternoons seem blissfully long and balmy, and Candice Lake is beaming as she talks about her greatest project — motherhood. The Australian photographer, fashion blogger and model lives with her husband, the architect Didier Ryan, in a converted loft space in London, but of course it is 16-month-old baby Arden that has become the new focus in their busy worlds. Here, in the latest Country Road x Moda Familia instalment, the model takes us on a tour of her architectural home

  2. Photographed by JANE McLEISH-KELSEY 


  4. Makeup VICTORIA WOOD  


Hello Sunshine: above and below, Candice Lake with her 16-month-old son Arden, outside their picturesque home in London. Candice wears COUNTRY ROAD throughout, with MAISON MICHEL hat.

  1. HOW HAS MOTHERHOOD CHANGED YOUR WORLD? It has been the most powerful experience of my life, having a baby. I used to feel quite sure I could do anything – and then I had a baby! My heart has more love in it than I ever thought possible and I have learnt patience and selflessness – both attributes I don't think I could fully grasp until becoming a parent. It is a pretty incredible experience.
  3. HOW ARE YOU AIMING TO STRIKE A WORK-LIFE-FAMILY BALANCE THESE DAYS? The first year was quite intense; looking back I think I went into motherhood thinking it would be relatively effortless. We had no help for the first year and I continued to work and travel a lot with Arden. Whilst it was beautiful and important to spend such quality time with him, I ended up quite stretched, as did my husband, as we had no support network. Now we have taken on the most incredible nanny who has changed our life and our balance is really wonderful.

  1. YOUR AESTHETIC AT HOME IS JUST AS GORGEOUS AS YOUR FASHION SENSE – HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE SPACE? My husband is an architect and he really transformed what was a dark, damp disused railway arch into a beautiful and bright, bright home. Because the arch was so big and the space is all white with a glass roof, we wanted really warm pieces in the space to make it feel less like an art gallery and more like a home. We picked up a lot of pieces at antique markets and we used old school laboratory tables for our kitchen benches – I love all the engravings from the teenagers bored in class. A lot of the furniture is from Pacific Green, one of our favourite design companies in Australia.
  3. LOOKING BACK, WHAT IGNITED YOUR LOVE OF FASHION AND DESIGN? Modelling was my gateway into this incredible world. I had always wanted to go to art school although I ended up studying law. Then when I fell into modeling, it led me back to where I had always wanted to be. I worked with many inspiring photographers and it was this experience that got me hooked on photography and fashion.
  1. DO YOU THINK YOUR APPROACH TO STYLE HAS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? I'm a lot more comfortable in my own skin now. Being in the fashion industry has certainly influenced and shaped this evolution of style – I'm now in a place, after lots of experimentation, where I really feel I have a strong sense of what my style is, and there is a real ease that comes with this.
  3. LASTLY, CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR FAVOURITE SUNDAY ROUTINE? We wake up early and go to our favourite café for coffee and croissants by the park, then walk over to our local farmers’ market and pick up a picnic and head to Hyde Park where we love to get lost in the northern part; you feel like you have the entire space to yourself. We usually finish the day playing pétanque with friends in a square close to our home, with wine and cheese. Lots of friends, naps, park, cheese and wine equals the perfect Sunday.