Amelia Fullarton

We all know that family life – and its unpredictable, wacky wildness – is rarely balanced. Finding the time and motivation to prioritise fitness can be a sport in itself. I’ve always admired the ones who weave it seamlessly into their family’s daily routine, (as a result, those same busy people seem to have higher energy levels, a spark). With this in mind, and in collaboration with The Upside, we asked a few favourite families how they kick-start their weekends, recharge body and spirit – and keep up! Byron Bay-based photographer and mother of three Amelia Fullarton opens the series

  1. Photographed by AMELIA FULLARTON 


Here Comes The Sun: This week, The Upside launches its trademark muscle tanks for children and to celebrate, Fullarton captured her Sunday morning with partner Al Rushforth and three daughters, Ottilie, 4 months, Agnes, 2, and Arlo, 5, from their base in Byron Bay. The family wears The Upside throughout. Click through to shop the collection.

How do you love to spend a typical Sunday as a family – what is your routine?

Sundays for us are about spending time together. My partner works all week and I usually work Saturdays, so it’s the one day when we can be together as a family. We usually start with coffee, spend most of the day at the beach and end it with beers – perfect!

As a mother to three young girls, including four-month-old Ottilie, how are you keeping your energy levels up right now? 

I’m struggling! With a lack of sleep it’s difficult and I know I rely too much on coffee. I constantly have to remind myself how important it is to look after myself in my role as both a mother and a photographer. Taking time out, eating well and staying hydrated are all focal points. At the moment, I am also trying to squeeze in a walk wherever l can.

Can you share your tip for embracing activewear away from the gym. How best to pull it off?

I keep it simple, wearing pieces that are still true to my style and, of course, comfortable.

And how are you encouraging your little ones to take up healthy exercise habits?

Because I am raising three young girls, I try to not make exercise a topic of discussion but rather something we just do naturally together. We are always outdoors, exploring, it isn’t anything I would force on them – I think kids instinctively want to be active, you just need to support that idea in the right way and keep them busy. 

How does your life in Byron Bay influence your family’s overall wellbeing and healthy routines?

It definitely has an impact. There is so much to do outdoors here, the climate plays a huge part and we love that the days sometime revolve around the beach, the water, and anywhere to retreat from the heat. We usually start the day with a big bowl of porridge and lots of fruit, it's easy and it fills them up, and our favourite outdoor activity is taking long walks together.

Lastly, happiness is …

Being together!

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