Amelia Fullarton's Seaside Bliss

Sea Change: above, photographer Amelia Fullarton with her daughters Arlo and baby Agnes, pictured at home in the Australian coastal town, Byron Bay. The family wears Country Road throughout.

When it comes to effortless cool, i fell in love with Amelia Fullarton's aesthetic at first glance. The mother of two daughters, Arlo, 4, and Agnes, 3 months, captures a sunny beach chic in her photography, while her personal style – a carefree mix of denim and shirting – is just as compelling. Here, the photographer turns the lens around in order to document her own bohemian family style; it's the latest instalment for country road's online journal, live with us, together with moda familia.

  2. Photography by Amelia Fullarton  | Interview by Natasha Inchley
  3. Production Editor  Louisa de Kievit
  5. YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL EYE – IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY, YOU CAPTURE INTIMATE FAMILY MOMENTS WITH GREAT POIGNANCY; THERE IS A RELAXED KIND OF BEAUTY TO YOUR FRAMES. LOOKING BACK, CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT IGNITED YOUR LOVE OF TAKING PICTURES? My interest with photography started at quite a young age, however it was only after my first daughter, Arlo, was born that l decided this could be something l really wanted to pursue. As for my aesthetic, I am attracted to moments that evoke emotion. I would describe my style as real, l hope nothing is ever too forced or planned out. I am also a country girl at heart – I’m most happy and inspired when close to the sea and surrounded by nature.

The Beachcombers: above left, Amelia and Arlo soak up the sun; right, Fullarton's partner Al with baby Agnes.

  1. WHAT IS YOUR VIEWPOINT ON MOTHERHOOD AND HOW HAS IT CHANGED YOUR WORLD? Motherhood is a selfless, challenging and incredibly rewarding act. It has changed my world in ways l never knew imaginable. I guess it is one of those things that is too difficult to put in to words – if you are lucky enough to experience it once in your life then you will know what l mean when l say there is no feeling quite like it. It is a love that is so crazy it is indescribable.

TELL US ABOUT LIFE IN BYRON BAY – WHY DID YOU AND YOUR PARTNER AL CHOOSE TO LIVE HERE AND WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE? Byron is a beautiful, warm, open-minded and artful community to live in. Here we enjoy afternoons by the sea, nature, good food, coffee and friends. What I love most is that life is simple, nothing is ever too complicated – plans can be made five minutes beforehand, my partner can be home from work in a matter of minutes, no time ever feels wasted, life can be easily enjoyed and it is effortless. It’s the right fit for us, as we are more country people than city.


AS A MOTHER TO TWO YOUNG CHILDREN, HOW DO YOU HOPE TO STRIKE A WORK-LIFE BALANCE? I feel incredibly thankful that l can be a working mother. For me, it is important that when I’m with the girls, I am really with them in the moment. I try to completely switch off from everything, which means no phone calls and no emails. I often work at night, when Arlo and Agnes are both asleep, and that way l have more time to focus on them during the day. It is incredibly important for me to maintain a certain balance, my family always comes first – and that’s how it will always be for me.

YOUR AESTHETIC AT HOME IS JUST AS GORGEOUS AS YOUR VERY PARTICULAR WAY OF DRESSING – HOW DOES YOUR STYLE CROSS OVER, AND WHICH PIECES DID YOU CHOOSE FROM COUNTRY ROAD’S LATEST COLLECTION? I am drawn to simple, classic pieces for both my wardrobe and my home. I really love a neutral palette with a few touches of colour, and l have always dressed in a comfortable way that suits the environment around me. I’m a T-shirt and denim jeans kind of girl; I don’t think that will ever change, however since having children my style has softened a little, with more whites included in the mix and slightly more feminine pieces too.


LASTLY, CAN YOU DESCRIBE A FAVOURITE SUNDAY ROUTINE IN BYRON BAY WITH YOUR FAMILY? We usually start with an early coffee and some pastries with friends, then we all hit the beach in the morning. Around lunchtime we’ll head home and the girls will take a nap. By the afternoon, we’ll be listening to music, having a drink, and winding down together before the busy week ahead.

    2. Easy Does It: above and below, in the photographer's bedroom, Country Road Emile linen, throw and cushion.
  2. For more information on Amelia's photography, look up:, or via Instagram: @ameliafullarton. The Country Road collections are shoppable via or below.

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