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DIAMONDS. FLOWERS. BEAUTY. It's an irresistible combination, particularly when the jewels are this spectacular. Sophie Keegan Baum's presentation, hosted by Vogue Australia and staged at Jocelyn Petroni's elegant salon in Sydney, featured jaw-dropping stones and glassy manicures to accompany them

  2. Photographed by NIKKI TO 



  2. The Shining: Sophie Keegan Baum, above, and a selection of her fine jewellery on show at Jocelyn Petroni's salon, with flowers by Grandiflora. Her latest designs include intricate diamond cuffs, emerald studded bangles, multi-coloured precious stone earrings and fringed rings. Sophie wears Vanessa Seward.
  1. WHAT INSPIRED YOUR LOVE OF JEWELLERY DESIGN? When I was a child I loved to draw, create and collect things. Once I had the chance to travel as a young teenager and visit museums like the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and The Frick collection in New York my eyes were opened to so many inspiring objects. After formal jewellery training, I had the opportunity in my twenties to work in the Place Vendôme at Chaumet, which was an incredible start to my career.
  3. YOUR COLLECTIONS ARE SO BOLD AND DARING, CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC: I love the purity and simplicity of the materials I'm working with: gold, diamonds and precious stones. I studied gemology, which gave me a deep fascination for stones. Most pieces I design have been inspired by cut and form. Sometimes I work with stone cutters who specially customise the cut for me. It is wonderful to be able to see the pieces come to life and work so closely with other artisans of the trade. 
  5. CREATIVELY, ONE THEME YOU KEEP RETURNING TO IS ... I love to create movement in a piece of jewellery. I am constantly going back to the fringed pieces in my collection. Also, the raw diamonds because they sparkle like they're alive.
  7. HOW DO YOU STYLE YOUR OWN PIECES? My philosophy is less is more. I feel the beauty of one or two pieces can be more beautiful and special than if you wear too much. I prefer to wear a divine statement ring and bangle with no earrings, or else a spectacular pair of earrings with a simple more classic ring. 


  2. Prep Talk: above, Sophie with Sydney-based beauty, nail and skin therapist, Jocelyn Petroni.
  4. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR ACQUIRING FINE JEWELS? WHAT SHOULD WE BE LOOKING FOR? I think in today's world there is so much choice in jewellery, there's a lot of mass-produced pieces which lack quality. It makes me very determined to offer quality to my clients. I think people need to become more aware of what they are buying. Is it real gold? And then if it is, what carat is it? I only work with 18 carat gold and I oversee every single piece during the process of it being made. I feel extremely good about that when selling my work as handmade jewellery.
  6. WHAT IS THE MOST TREASURED JEWEL IN YOUR COLLECTION? I bought a large grey diamond about 15 years ago, which is around three carats. It's by no means a perfect diamond, but it has such a mystifying sparkle to it that it never ceases to amaze me. I have also recently acquired a beautiful emerald-cut emerald, that I will turn into a wonderful everyday ring, and I am currently wearing my S Letter pendant which I never take off.
  8. YOUR HOMEBASE IS IN HAMBURG, YOU ARE CURRENTLY LIVING IN SYDNEY AND YOU ARE CONSTANTLY TRAVELING – HOW DO YOU ADAPT YOUR STYLE TO SUIT THE CITY YOU'RE IN? I realised when I arrived in Sydney that I needed to adapt my wardrobe – it's like summer most of the time here. I left a whole cupboard full of beautiful cashmere overcoats, my favourite fur jackets, and my Moncler staples behind to embrace a lighter and more relaxed clothing style. I recently bought some pieces from a favourite new designer, Vanessa Seward, and I adore accessories by Louis Vuitton – I love the whole aesthetic of designer Nicholas Ghesquière, I find the pieces so modern yet luxurious; it's my secret indulgence. I also like to mix handcrafted pieces into my summer wardrobe from my favourite shop in Sardinia, Foresta G. I don't always want to be wearing things that other people have on and so I try to buy things I really love rather than what is current in fashion. Lastly, I cannot live without a good mix of swimwear in Sydney, as I swim here every day. My favourite swimwear designers are Eres for cut and quality and Lisa Marie Fernandez for a bolder look. 


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