Mrs Prada's pastry project

    2. Sugar High: Prada's high-design cafe, themed around an unforgettable shade of moss green, officially opened its doors this week in Milan's via Monte Napoleone 9. Below, the designer Miuccia Prada, photographed for Vogue magazine by Hannah Thomson.

with the opening of a haute new cafe in milan, the Super-Chic designer miuccia prada is taking on Food, in addition to her Fashion

When luxury Italian brand, Prada, bought a pastry shop last year, it was a sign that food (and all its fashionable possibilities) had piqued the interest of its owners, designer Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli. The label acquired an 80 per cent share in the 19th-century Milanese eatery, Pasticceria Marchesi, which is known for its exceptional croissants, chocolates, pralines and panettones. Not your typical fashion house investment, however it is an idea gathering momentum. While Marchesi's traditional menu was certainly honoured at its official opening this week, the scene and all its details around the plate became the real show.

The latest move follows the opening of the company's Bar Luce, a modern green-and-pink-themed dining space imagined by filmmaker Wes Anderson for its new art gallery, Fondazione Prada in Milan. Together, the two stops redefine the very definition of a visual feast.


  2. I Want Candy: Located in via Monte Napoleone 9, Marchesi's sweets are served on fine custom china by Rosenthal; its decadent desserts, candies and bon-bons are presented in packaging befitting jewels. Designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi and inspired by traditional Milanese interiors, the cafe features a grand marble-topped bar with cherry wood cabinets, mirror-backed shelves displaying an array of aperitifs and pastry cases with curved glass tops.