Love Letters: Sophie Keegan Baum's new jewels

A divine new collection of fine gold letters and precious charms by sophie keegan baum is reason enough to fall in love

"I designed The Letters collection so that my clients could order them for a loved one, their own initial or that of their children. It's an idea to celebrate growth and milestones," says the Hamburg-based jeweller Sophie Keegan Baum, who recently relocated to Sydney with her family for a six-month-long stint. The collection is pretty irresistible when you take in the accompanying precious charms in teardrop-shaped stones, like gumdrops, along with natural Keshi pearls. "I wear my S everyday together with a beautiful Argyle diamond my husband gave me as a present on his first ever visit to Australia. I never take it off."

Sophie Keegan Baum's Letters can be ordered in 18ct rose or white gold, and set with diamonds. Contact: Portrait, above, by Prue Ruscoe


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