Louise van de Vorst

LOUISE VAN DE VORST and her partner, singer J.R. Reyne, have a lot to celebrate what with the very recent birth of their son, Roosevelt. Now, the Melbourne model with a wonderfully artistic eye is falling in love all over again.

  2. Photographed by BEC HOWELL  Interview NATASHA INCHLEY 

  3. Creative Director VIVIEN VITTADELLO  Production Editor LOUISA DE KIEVIT


Hey, baby! main image, new mum Louise wears Country Road, pictured with Roosevelt; and above her divine Instagram world.


  1. HER NEW MUM LOVE: We are so in love with him! Every day our bond grows stronger. I have absolutely loved every stage, from the pregnancy to now, and am looking forward to what’s to come. I love seeing the world through his eyes and showing him the world through mine.


WHAT MOTHERHOOD MEANS TO HER: For me motherhood means being the woman that I have always wanted to become. Having the opportunity to cherish and nurture a child to their full potential is an unbelievable experience, one I learn from every day.


HER WINTER EDIT: I prefer clothing that is luxurious, minimal, comfortable. These [Country Road] looks are exactly what I love to wear when I’m off-duty. They are an extension of my personal aesthetic.


HER FAVOURITE PICK-ME-UPS: Taking ten minutes of sunshine, seeking out little cosy places around the house for naps, and using my own blend of invigorating essential oils.

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