I Don't Know How She Does It

ISN'T IT SO TRUE that women – or mothers, more specifically, in this case – have a knack for taking on daily challenges with more life force than ought to be possible? That’s something worth celebrating, and the reason why I always look forward to working on this momentous annual Mother's Day portfolio. Here, in collaboration with Country Road's Live With Us journal, meet Vogue's Kate Darvill, the first in a series of inspiring women who are creating their own agendas with a clear artistic vision yet always, at the heart of it, family is key

  2. Photographed by BEC HOWELL  Interview NATASHA INCHLEY 

  3. Creative Director VIVIEN VITTADELLO  Production Editor LOUISA DE KIEVIT

Let's Stick Together: There’s a lot to admire about Vogue’s Senior Fashion Editor, Kate Darvill – not least her impeccable style and the fashion narrative she creates on a page. Away from the spotlight, however, it’s all about her two sets of adorable twins, Matilda and Jack, 2, and Stella and Olive, 9 months. I love her wisdom! Kate and her children wear Country Road's new winter collection in both portraits.

  1. KATE'S VIEWPOINT ON MOTHERHOOD: Being a mother is an extremely personal thing; there is no right or wrong. It is the most challenging thing you can do, the biggest job you’ll ever take on. Every day you are trying to make the right decisions and trying to teach the right lessons and trying to be a good – and calm – role model and always to love, love, love. You have to have faith that you are doing the right thing. Having great role models in your own parents helps.
  3. THE LESSONS HER CHILDREN HAVE TAUGHT HER: They have taught me patience! They have also taught me that the heart has the ability to grow exponentially. My hope is that my husband and I can teach them to be good and honest people and to be kind and generous. I want to support them in every way so that they grow to be strong, beautiful and most importantly, happy people. I hope they know they are each other’s best friends and they continue to love and support each other always.


  1. HER WORKING MUM SECRET FOR STAYING COOL UNDER PRESSURE: I try to be as organised as I can be. I do a mental walk through of each day before it happens so I can plan the kids’ activities. I am getting better at online grocery shopping and I try to plan the week’s meals in advance; there’s no room for spontaneity!
  3. HER WINTER EDIT: I dress according to my mood and there aren’t many looks or styles I won't try. Having said that, since having kids, my style has shifted down a notch to more low-maintenance looks. I love a head-to-toe knitted look. There is a luxe feeling about [the grey] outfit, which I love, it is streamlined and effortless.

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