I Art Chanel N°5

to celebrate chanel's epic new baz lurhmann production, photographer hugh stewart is there to capture the mood

  2. Hugh Stewart, the Sydney-based photographer, is remarkably low-key given that a). he recently returned from a trip to New York to work with director Baz Lurhmann on a new Chanel film starring Gisele Bündchen and b). his photography stills are currently being beamed out, via news and social media, in the thousands.
  4. The big-scale production, which celebrates the house’s signature N°5 fragrance, is Lurhmann’s take on modern life: career, family, freedom and love – can we have it all? This new chapter features Bündchen weighing up the conundrum at work, on set and even in the surf, gloriously so, in both couture and a wetsuit.

Girls On Film: scenes from the new Chanel production as directed by Lurhmann and photographed by Stewart, featuring Bündchen in a Chanel fringed organza haute couture tunic. 

  1. Having worked with Lurhmann on all his major productions, including The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet and Chanel’s Moulin Rouge!-esque ad with Nicole Kidman, Stewart was again called upon to capture the house’s still imagery. He did so, perched right at the edge of the filmmaker’s dolly and the atmosphere, he says, was intoxicating. “I enjoy working with Baz because we have a long history together, and because of that history I’m quite comfortable in his environment,” the photographer explains. “He allows me the freedom to make my own pictures and in return I keep out of his road.”
  3. Back home in Sydney, at Stewart’s weekend retreat located on the northern beaches, the photographer is thrilled with how the project turned out – his photos have become official campaigns – yet he remains typically unfazed by the attention. And so it seems only fitting to coax Stewart in to interpreting the iconic N°5 bottle once more, only this time in his own style.  
  5. Scroll down to see Stewart's work.