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Sydney-based couple this month debuts a new collection of cleaning products which has a greater sense of purpose – consisting of essential oils and plant-derived ingredients, the formulas are biodegradable, reliable and safe enough for daily use in the family home. Add to that, zinging scents that will lift your spirits, no matter the task at hand 

"Fragrance is often a word we associate with pleasant scents and freshness, however with standard cleaners this can be a potent chemical cocktail. The hangover may well involve allergic reactions and hormone disruption," says Jessica Bragdon the Sydney-based mother of two, whose new botanical cleaning brand, Koala Co, reimagines all that with products that zing with essential oils —Eucalyptus Australiana, Peppermint, and Lemon Myrtle among them. Bragdon, who has a Masters in Organisational Psychology, founded the company with her husband Paul Davidson, and the pair admit they had very specific, sophisticated goals in mind:


"We felt our two young sons shouldn’t have to hold their breath in order not to absorb chemicals every time we cleaned the family home, we wanted something that not only worked flawlessly, but also could be misted safely around our children."


As it happens, the collection is picture-perfect, too – pretty enough to store above the counter. Bragdon says, "In today’s busy life, it’s tempting to choose a cheap quick fix in preference to green products. Sometimes it’s because there’s a mistaken perception that environmentally friendly products don’t work as well or are less convenient. But this is simply not the case. Nature has always made the best antiseptics, and in Australia we are blessed with some of the most powerful in the world." It's the scent, however, that will, quite literally, charge your spirits. "Australia is an extraordinary treasure trove of botanical secrets, which we’ve delved into to create a range of products using sustainable native plants. We use high concentrations of potent essential oils, so that our cleaners not only work with the full force of nature but also leave your home smelling as aromatic as the Australian bushland."


The Koala Co range consists of five cleaning products – from a lemon myrtle and mandarin dish soap to a Eucalypt multipurpose bathroom cleaner, shop them below.

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Cleaning Collection

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