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‚ÄčStrange Paradise: above, top left, Lorenzo Castillo ‘Laidi’ fabric for Gaston Gastón y Daniela; main background, Sanderson ‘Manila’ fabric in green; and top left, Sanderson ‘Rainforest’ fabric in Emerald, all from Domestic Textile. Raffia placemat, ‘Sponge’ bowl in blue, and eggplant spoon-rest, all from Market Import. Glen Filets Bleus plate, from The Bay Tree. Artichoke dish, from Market Import. Vintage cabbage plate and small dish, from The Bay Tree.

The Life Aquatic: above, background in Sanderson ‘Coral & Fish’ fabric; and napkin in Lorenzo Castillo ‘Lolo’ in colours Teja and Azul for Gastón y Daniela, all from Domestic Textile. Ancora tomato bowl, from Market Import. 1880s Minton 'Blue Coral' plate, from The Bay Tree. Mexican glass tumbler with red rim, from Market Import. Sardines from Simon Johnson. Champagne glass and dinner plates, stylist's own.

Sunset Boulevard: above, background in Sanderson ‘Capuchins’ fabric in Chintz, from Domestic Textile. Bamboo knife and fork, available in set of 5, from My Island Home. Ancora pear plate, from Market Import. Tapas dish in Sly Green, from The Bay Tree. Lemon sugar pot, from Market Import. Melamine plate in yellow, from The Bay Tree. Raffia placemat, from Market Import. Ancora petal side plate in lime, from Market Import. Vintage cordial glass in green and dish, both from The Bay Tree. Swizzle stick, from Market Import.

  2. Hot Tropics: above, background in Gastón y Daniela ‘Amazonia’ wallpaper, from Domestic Textile. ‘Tam’ dip bowl, from Country Road. Bamboo spoon, available in set of 5, from My Island Home. Vintage cordial glass in green, from The Bay Tree. Black bowl, pineapple dish and juicer, stylist's own.
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food and symmetry plays a central theme in the work of james tolich. here, the photographer lists his current inspirations:


  1. I love sharing my home and food with friends. It is a beautiful way to connect and can lead to many marvellous conversations. The motif of food throughout my work, however, is not symbolic to a love and passion for all things food and entertaining, it is more of an observation of an accessible subject. Take for example my series Emporer's Garden, in which I photographed cakes from a Chinese bakery: I wanted to enhance the the artificial qualities of the food to make them look plastic, almost un-edible. The message I was trying to convey is that our stomachs do not seem to discern what is nourishing or even good for us; many of us are ruled by our eyes and what looks good. Hence, visually attractive images of curious food.

tell us about your current inspiration?

  1. Symmetry is everywhere in nature and has been a fascination for many civilisations; symmetry to me represents the divine. One of my favourite examples is The Sphinx,  it stands as a great symbol of what we are capable of. At this point in time I am working on making art about expression by simply enjoying the process. I like to be playful with my work and experiment with different, sometimes unorthodox techniques. If there was one overall message that I think I am trying to covey it would have to be that there is divine beauty and purity in everything, but let's not forget the cloud of falseness that surrounds so much of it. 

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Stylist Danielle Selig is a Sydney-based interiors and prop stylist, who began her career in law before making the bold decision to switch to her true passion, styling. Selig currently works as Style Assistant at Vogue Living. For more information, look up:


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