Hugh Stewart

It's fun to imagine Hugh Stewart, the Sydney-based photographer, wandering the neighborhood sneaking flower cuttings for his art. Having lensed some of the world’s most inimitable talents (Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford and Paul Newman among them) Stewart also captures beautiful botanical studies in his spare time. More recently, the father of three – to Lily, Matilda and Flynn – has been working on a new project, the soon-to-be-released book, The Maverick Soul with interior designer Miv Watts, which is the ultimate showcase of Stewart’s philosophy: to capture creative families in intimate and oftentimes irreverent moments. It’s only fitting then that the photographer turns the camera on himself

  1. Photographed by HUGH STEWART 

  2. Interview NATASHA INCHLEY 

The Big Chill: main picture top, Stewart's partner Emma Warburton, and their children Matilda and Flynn at home in Sydney's Bellevue Hill; above Flynn and Matilda. The family wears Country Road throughout.

Back To Nature: above left, Stewart's still-lifes, Actinotus Helianthi, and right, Poppies Day 5, available from Hugh Stewart Gallery; below, the photographer in his studio.

  2. What ignited your love of photography and the arts? Bad exam results at school.
  3. How has fatherhood changed your world? I will not be retiring any time soon.
  4. How do you nurture your children’s creativity? My children are all motivated to be the opposite of me which both Emma and I encourage wholeheartedly.

  5. What type of clothes make up your daily uniform? Having day-old food down the front of one’s shirt should not be misconstrued as style. Chinos and long sleeved shirts preferably blue is the ideal uniform.

  6. Think Pink: above left, Bondi Hibiscus; and right, Dahlias In Inkwell From Marrakech.


  8. Tell us about the inspiration behind your beautiful limited-edition flower prints, and also your new book, The Maverick Soul: The book is a reaction against all those generic sterile home books cluttering bookshops presently. Its a collection of mavericks and mongrels, all connected to each other and to Miv [Watts, the interior designer] who I did the book for. It features about four toilets, a few unmade beds and a seventy year old smoking a joint. My still life's are are really something quiet and peaceful I can do when I need a break. I can lock myself in the shed and paint backgrounds then go on walks around the neighbourhood stealing flowers to photograph. I don't have to talk to them, flatter them or show them the end result. If I can end my days photographing flowers in a shed in Wales and selling them on the internet I would be very very happy.


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  12. Child's Play: above, Flynn and Matilda; below left, Poppies Day 3, and right, Nasturtiums From Fairweather Street.

Pretty As A Picture: above, Tulips In Inkwell From Marrakech; below, Stewart- and Watts's new book The Maverick Soul, â€‹designed by Tracy Lines, out November. All flower prints are available from