Easter Parade: the calm before the high

An Earthly Easter hunt: above, a parade of well-dressed adventurers set off on an egg hunt amongst the rolling fields at Byron View Farm. The children wear Country Road throughout.

CASH (pictured above, centre); Age: 5; Likes: skateboarding, riding my bike, magic tricks; Dislikes: being told to come in when it's time for dinner; Favourite treat: milk chocolate and ice cream; Hobbies: soccer and playing with friends; When I grow up I want to be …  a magician

ZALOA (above); Age: nearly 9; Likes: friendship, animals and nature; Dislikes: not much, maybe broccoli; Favourite treat: frozen yogurt with toppings; Hobbies: dancing; When I grow up I want to be … a dancer.

For these wonderfully outdoorsy families, a weekend spent camping is the ultimate escape from modern life. Here, their Easter celebrations and thoughts on parenting with NATURE in mind – it's the latest EDITION for online journal "live with us", TOGETHER with moda familia

  2. Photographs by Amelia Fullarton  |  Styled by Vivien Vittadello
  3. Production Louisa De Kievit  |  Words Natasha Inchley

It’s a hazy Autumn day and surprisingly calm given the Live With Us team has invited four mothers and their brood of sunny-faced children to an early Easter celebration. On the agenda: an afternoon of camping, egg hunts and games of hide-and-seek. It’s also the chance to enjoy family time outdoors with a band of little adventurers – no coaxing required when it comes to exploring the rambling setting of a picturesque country farm.

MIA (above right); Age: 2 ¾; Likes: drawing, baking, passionfruit, my grandparents Mimi and Papa; Dislikes: having my hair brushed; Favourite treat: chocolate; Hobby: playdates.

  1. When it comes to special celebrations such as Easter, Jayde Butterworth, mother to Mia, 2, and Billie, 18 months says: “We always make an effort to be together with all our family and make sure there’s a lot of love around. Food is an important part of it, too. I just made an enormous batch of hot-cross buns, Mia stirred the bowl, and we also love having picnics and camping with friends.”
  3. Emma Jefferys, mother to Evie, 3, and Harlow, 2, agrees: “We spend a lot of time outdoors, going on picnics and taking the girls camping,” she says. “At Easter, we will spend it with family and friends, we want our girls to remember this as a time for giving love to the people around us, and not just about presents and chocolate. We want our girls to be well-rounded, balanced individuals who also know they are loved.” 
  5. As for how the mothers encourage their children to take an interest in caring for the environment, they all agree that guiding them from an early age is key: “Mia is just starting to understand and respect the small things, such as recycling and gently caring for animals and plants,” Jayde says. “We are very mindful of teaching her to care.”

EVIE (above); Age: 3 ¾; Likes: outdoors, swimming, animals and skateboarding with Daddy; Dislikes: getting water in my eyes, [my sister] Harlow touching my special things and Mummy choosing my clothes; Favourite treat: Kinder Surprise; Hobbies: dress-ups and fishing; When I grow up I want to … work at the ice cream shop.