Donna Hay's Breakfast

Donna Hay is channeling a realistic and more balanced approach to healthier eating. To celebrate her new book on the subject, the Australian cook shares a favourite breakfast recipe (and it's not as naughty as you might think) 

  2. "If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I’m at my happiest when life is balanced," says Donna Hay when asked about the inspiration behind her latest cookbook. "It rings true in all areas – work and play, friends and family, and, for me especially, food. I love the way food can make me feel, uplifting me with energy, nourishing me with cosy goodness, or treating me with a little sweetness." Her new book, Life In Balance (Harper Collins), includes a number of super-charged breakfasts and low-carb dinner options together with nourishing treats for the whole family. Here, Hay shares her energising morning treat:



  • Recipe –



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