Us And Them

His And Hers: From Us And Them by Helmut Newton and Alice Springs (Taschen): above, her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover and her son Andrea, Monte Carlo, 1985, photographed by Alice Springs; and below, the princess lensed by Helmut Newton at the Palais Princier in 1988.


Sun In The Afternoon: below, Donatella Versace, Paul Beck and their daughter Allegra, off the coast of Antibes, 1990, photographed by Helmut Newton; followed by Alice Springs' take, in St. Tropez in 1990.


What a treat leafing through this new book on two iconic collaborators in love. It was a famous partnership, both creative and romantic, that spanned fifty years, and yet photographers Helmut Newton and Alice Springs, insisted that neither one influenced the other's work. (Surely they must have had their moments of revelation and frustration, though). In Us and Them, their two photographic viewpoints come together – Springs's portraits capture a rawness and simplicity; Newton veers towards stylised voyeurism and glamour. Yet throughout, a certain kind of frailty and tenderness in both bodies of work is apparent, as is the comfortable intimacy that made up their long-term partnership. I'm not one to take sides, but I confess, I can't help but adore Springs' work a little more.

Helmut Newton and Alice Springs: Us And Them is available from Taschen

Face Off: Above left, Catherine Deneuve, captured by Alice Springs in Paris, 1984; and right, Helmut Newton's take on the French actress in 1976.