Playlist: I Feel Love

A new beauty ritual requires the perfect primer – disco. Our Icon Woman playlist, created exclusively by art director Paul Meany (aka DJ Tweety) sets the scene, featuring Donna Summer, Blondie, Diana Ross, Grace Jones ... 

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  1. I Feel Love by DONNA SUMMER
  2. Live It Up by BLONDIE
  3. Back To The Funk by STARGARD
  4. Anybody Wanna Party (12" mix) by GLORIA GAYNOR
  5. I Can't Give You More by SUZY Q
  6. Jump To It by ARETHA FRANKLIN
  7. Living Ecstasy (the Norinton Re-Edit) by SISTER SLEDGE
  8. Runaway Love by LINDA CLIFFORD
  9. It's My House (Dupont Daelo Rework) by DIANA ROSS
  10. Nipple To The Bottle by GRACE JONES
  11. Beat The Street (Special Dub Version) by SHARON REDD
  12. Peanut Butter (12" Version) by GWEN GUTHRIE
  13. Meeting In The Ladies Room by KYLMAXX
  14. I Don't Know If It's Right by EVELYN 'CHAMPAGNE' KING
  15. You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else by THE JONES GIRLS
  16. Flowers by THE EMOTIONS