Sofía Sanchez de Betak's Travel Tales

  2. If there's one thing a fashion and style expert understands, it's how to tour a city like a native – indeed, Sofía Sanchez de Betak, the New York-based creative, is something of an expert when it comes to mapping the globe with her swoonworthy discoveries. This month, the Style Director launches a divine new book to celebrate her chic insight – from the Patagonia mountains and the glacial bays of Iceland, to an historic hotel in Naples where guests are encouraged to leave behind their favourite book, insider tips abound. Here, a sneak peek into "Chufy's" world 

Sofía Sanchez de Betak – or Chufy, to those who follow her on social media – is the impeccably dressed Style Director who takes the kind of sublime holidays and farflung work assignments that we all want to take. Between her 122k Instagram followers and editorials for Condé Nast Traveler and Vogue Latin America & Mexico, the Buenos Aires–born New York resident has established herself as one of the coolest travellers on the net. Happily, she recently collated all that magic into a super-divine new book, Travels with Chufy: Confidential Destinations available this month at Throughout, de Betak immerses herself in everything from the literary legacy of Naples’s Albergo del Purgatorio hotel, where guests are encouraged to leave behind a favourite book, to the art at Marco Polo Mansion, owned by a painter whose works in progress adorn its walls. The settings are intoxicating and wildly varying, and de Betak is careful to include must-try dishes and tips on finding essential insider souvenirs. This book is a treat!

De Betak began her career as a graphic designer in Argentina before moving to New York City where she landed a job art directing fashion and beauty campaigns. She soon rose through the ranks, a standout for her eye-popping style and unmissable advertorials with brands such as Chloé, and Chanel; of course, fashion magazine work quickly followed. Then there's her online shop,, which features artisanal souvenirs from around the world, not to mention her limited-edition suitcase collection designed for Globe-Trotter, which Chufy dreamed up after a recent trip to Greece. It's hard not to be jealous. 

Goodbye To All That: a preview of images from Sofía Sanchez de Betak's book, Travels with Chufy: Confidential Destinations (images courtesy of Assouline). Main picture top, de Betak in Istanbul captured by Alexandre de Betak; above, floating in Greece; and below, lunch on a hanging bridge over the River Traful photographed by Isaias Miciu.

Global Roaming: above, in Puglia photographed by Masseria Potenti; and below, in Kenya photographed by Alexandre de Betak.

Star Trek: above, de Betak photographed by Angeles Holmberg; below,  Jack’s Camp in Botswana captured by Luca De Santis.

  4. Come Fly With Me: De Betak in Laikipia; and below, the hardcover edition, published this month by Assouline. For more information or to purchase the book go to