Film: Chloë Sevigny's Kitty

Feline Unusual: Chloë Sevigny's new film, Kitty, based on the writing of Paul Bowles, stars Edie Yvonne as a young girl convinced she is a cat.

  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Chloë Sevigny's new short film Kitty; her directorial debut. The movie, which screened this week on the closing night of the Cannes Film Festival, is based on a short story by the great American writer and composer Paul Bowles. His work has always pulled me in – The Sheltering Sky is a favourite novel, I poured over it during a trip to Marrakech at the beginning of my writing career, which was bliss. So I'm excited that Sevigny is bringing his work to life. Yes, she is a Cool girl, but she seems to lend such a truth to the projects she takes up. This particular Bowles' story is very poetic, a little melancholy, but you must read it: as Sevigny imagines it, the young actress Edie Yvonne portrays a girl who wants to be something she’s not, quite literally a kitten. Sevigny told Vanity Fair: “It has to do with transformation. It’s about a mother ignoring something about a child. She’s stuck as a little kitty, so it’s very tender but also a little sad. I want to show people I can tell a story.” I have a feeling she can.


Images courtesy of First Generation Films.