Athena's Easter Parade

it's nearing easter! New York-based interior designer, Athena Calderone, and D.I.Y talent, erica Domesek, team up to create the prettiest pastel eggs in all-natural vegetable dyes

Recipe Erica Domesek and Athena Calderone

  2. "Easter was one of my favourite holidays as a child," recalls Athena Calderone, the dynamic interior designer, founder of Eye Swoon and mother to Jivan, 10. "My memories are filled with the crafty excitement of dipping eggs in pretty hues, the anticipated early morning egg hunt and then dressing up in bonnets – a day of magic to play, create, imagine and indulge."
  4. To conjure a little nostalgia, Calderone teamed with friend, Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This, to create sweet festive eggs in all-natural dyes made modern with personalised tattoos. "The palette is in hues of pale yellows, blues and dreamlike tones reminiscent of a Ladureé macaron," Calderone says. Indeed, the results are heavenly. Below, their step-by-step guide:


To dye for: above, Athena Calderone, left, with Erica Domesek. Chop, chop: below: the duo's organic ingredients.

Recipe and directions: Add chopped beetroot, red cabbage and turmeric to separate pots of boiling water along with two tablespoons of vinegar. Let the pots simmer for approximately 30 minutes then use a strainer to separate the vegetables from the liquid. Carefully place two hard-boiled eggs into jars filled with dye. For light hues, soak eggs for approximately 30 minutes. For darker hues, soak overnight. Get creative and mix ingredients to create an assortment of colours. Finally remove all eggs and once completely dried decorate with tattoos. (You can personalise tattoos with your own design by using printable tattoo sheets).