Candice Lake: On Extreme Travel

The Australian model, photographer and serial traveller shares her tips for combating jetlag, reviving a tired complexion and making a hotel suite feel more like home                                                                

Her in-flight beauty essentials: I always have Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist with me, it’s incredibly refreshing on long haul flights. Also, my Dr. Spiller’s blue Collagen Cream and Lucas Papaw Ointment that acts as hand salve and lip balm.

How she combats jetlag: Everyone has their secrets – I always watch all the movies on the plane, have a glass of red wine and drink a minimum of two litres of water. When I arrive at my destination, I am usually exhausted and take a short two-hour nap or a long bath. If jet-lag is really hitting hard, I'll have a massage on the first night to relax, and if all else fails I'll take melatonin. 

Her hotel is a home away from home: When I arrive at my room, I hang my clothes, unpack toiletries and lay out my shoes – I travel so much that it is important to feel at home immediately. If the flight has been incredibly long, I normally make a herbal tea, run a hot bath and take half an hour for myself before hitting the ground running. It is incredibly grounding to take the time to acclimatise in a new city. I should also confess to feasting on chocolate bars from the mini bar.

Her secret to traveling light: Roll, Roll and roll some more! I pack the bare essentials and plan my outfits to mix and match, ensuring I’m prepared for impromptu dinner parties, cold weather and unexpected hikes. I also take a Longchamp weekender bag with me, they’re virtually weightless, fold up to pocket-size and are perfect for any unexpected holiday purchases.