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Hope Floats: above, a purple ribbon proved the inspiration behind Two Good's latest endeavour offering care packages to women's shelters in Australia for Mother's Day; right, actress Elizabeth Debicki fronts the organisation's campaign.

I love the philsophy behind this brilliant charitable organisation – you buy one, they give one, whether that's a celebrated chef's lunch or a care package filled with heavenly skin and body treats  

"We believe in the power of good wholesome food and our mission is to provide it to those who need it most," says Rob Caslick, who together with Cathal Flaherty founded the charitable lunchtime delivery service, Two Good. Based in Sydney, Caslick recruited high-profile chefs such as Kylie Kwong, Christine Manfield and Greg Doyle to create signature meals which the company then serves up in jars: you buy one, they treat one to the city's domestic violence shelters and soup kitchens. To date, Two Good has delivered over 6000 meals to people in need, and the company also employs women from the shelters they serve.

More recently, Caslick has expanded the initiative by offering care packages in time for Mother's Day. The idea came about after he met a woman who had arrived at a refuge without bathroom essentials. The shampoo, conditioner and soap she received was wrapped with a purple bow, something she described as 'a small act of kindness so pivotal in [her] healing.' Caslick says, "Our goal is to recreate this purple bow moment in shelters across New South Wales."

Actress Elizabeth Debicki is on board: "The Two Good Mother's Day campaign is a beautiful, simple, honest initiative that has the capacity to touch the lives of many women and children who are seeking refuge from domestic violence and abuse. Powerful gifts often come in small packages and these thoughtfully crafted moisturisers and haircare products, are not only lovely to use, but more importantly allow us to take a small minute to care for ourselves with kindness and gratitude [and] honour all women in our community, our mothers and ourselves."

  2. Each care pack contains:
  3. black pepper, chamomile and sage shampoo
  4. lavender, chamomile and sage conditioner
  5. body and face moisturiser with bergamot and vetiver
  6. hand and body cleanser with orange peel, cedarwood and sage

When you purchase a Two Good Care pack online, the organisation will deliver the same kit to a woman in a shelter this Mother's Day, in partnership with Domestic Violence NSW. Look up: or


  2. YOU RAN AN ORGANIC SOUP KITCHEN FOR FIVE YEARS AND YOUR COMPANY, TWO GOOD, IS AN EXTENSION TO THAT. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO DEVOTE YOUR LIFE'S WORK TO CHARITABLE COMMUNITY-RELATED CAUSES? I have no real answer other than it’s what I love, what I’m good at. I get way more out of it than I give. The stories that come from every night I work in the kitchen are what keep me going back. I find the act of showing compassion addictive.  

  4. I LOVE THAT YOUR MISSION IS BUILT AROUND THE IDEA OF WHOLESOME NOURISHMENT AND CARING, VIA BEAUTIFUL ORGANIC MEALS AND NOW WITH YOUR NEW CARE PACKS – CAN YOU EXPLAIN ITS PHILOSOPHY I believe food is more than food and a great way to show respect is by serving respectful food.  The people we serve don’t know the food is organic but they do know a lot of love goes into the preparation. The volunteers often eat side by side. Not so long ago I was paid the greatest compliment: a young man who was sleeping down at the tennis courts told me 'For one hour a week I don’t feel homeless'. I know I’m not changing anyone and the moments of worth are temporary but I do know it makes a difference. 
  1. WHY ARE WOMEN'S SHELTERS IN PARTICULAR THE FOCUS? A lot of the people we serve in the soup kitchen have low self worth. They have been told for a long time they are not worthy of love or life. Women who end up in refuges have gone through the same; some much worse, and therefore a great deal of effort goes into the presentation of our Two Good lunches.