Among Equals: giving back

Caroline Sherman, the Sydney-based founder of Among Equals, launched her brand's latest collection of bilum bags at The Koskela Gallery this week. Intent on empowering women in Papua New Guinea, Sherman works with the country's weaving communities to help bring their colourful creations to a wider audience. She says, "My focus is to grow the industry so that it will become a much more stable and viable form of income for the women and their families, now and for future generations." Indeed, a hundred percent of profits from sales go back to the Bilum weavers, creating incomes for the women while also supporting the Blue Haus, a refuge where women can come together to weave, eat and take shelter. Much like artworks, the bags are gorgeous, each one has its own narrative and tells the story of the woman who created it, and all are available to purchase! For more information look up or follow @amongequals. The collection is on display at The Koskela Gallery until October 1st 2017.

Dream Weavers: main picture top, the bilum exhibition at The Koskela Gallery; below, founder Caroline Sherman visiting the weaving community in Papua New Guinea; and bottom, a selection of Bilums.